Curriculum Vitae

Name:   Ahmed Abdul Saheb Mohammed Ali

Birth Date:  June/1 St./1949     :     Place of Birth: Kufa, Iraq

Mailing Address: Water Resources Department,College of Engineering

                         BaghdadUniversity, P. O. Box 47024, Jadiriye, Baghdad. Iraq 


School Attended:


Name of School


Date From

Date To


University of Newcastle upon Tyne

England, U.K

Oct., 1973

May, 1978


University of Newcastle upon Tyne

England, U.K

Oct., 1972

Sep., 1973


Engineering    College, University of Baghdad

Baghdad, Iraq

Oct., 1966

July, 1970


Field of study:

B.Sc.    (Civil Engineering)

M.Sc.   (Civil Engineering  / Hydrology)

Ph.D.    (Civil Engineering / Hydrology – WaterResources)

Experience:  Listed chronologicallybeginning with the most recent employment:

Name of School Agency or Firm

Position Title

Date From

Date To

University of Baghdad, Iraq

Full Professor

June, 1995

Up to the Present

University of Baghdad, Iraq

Asst. Professor

July, 1986

June, 1995

University of Baghdad, Iraq


Oct., 1978

July, 1986

Gen. Dir. of Roads and Bridges Construction

Civil Engineer

Dec., 1971

Aug., 1972




Professional Education:

1-    Lecturing ( College of  Engineering, BaghdadUniversity  ) on :

 a- Undergraduate Level: Engineering Hydrology, Water Resources, Flood Control,

                                              Ground Water Hydrology, Water systemAnalysis, 

                                              EngineeringAnalysis, Engineering Statistics, and

                                              Numerical Methods

  b- Graduate Level:     Advanced Hydrology, Water Resources, System Analysis,

                                         Environmental systems Engineering,Quantity analysis,

                                        Advanced Statistics, Stochastic Hydrology, and optimization.

2-    Supervisor for M.Sc. andPh.D. Research students.

3-    Part Time Consulting:  Consulting Engineering Bureau, College ofEngineering,                                                 

                                              University of Baghdad, Iraq.


1-    Word Bank Consulting on Iraq Water Resources(from 2007 to 2009).

2-    Consulting Member on Iraq Water Resources.

3-    Consulting Member on Iraq High Dams.

4-    Consulting Member on Reservoir OperationRules.

5-    Consulting Member on Selection of Site /Nuclear Power Plant Location.


1.     Decision Support System (DSS)for the Ministry of Water Resources

2.     Dam Safety Consultant Rehabilitation ofBarrages

3.     Design of Hawija Weir

4.     Design of Kanarawey  Dam.

5.     Design of Arar & Hamir Dams

6.     Design of Bastora Dam & IrrigationProject

7.     Design of Bistana Dam

8.     Design of Drash Dam

9.     Design of Letan Dam

10.                  Design of Deze Dam

11.                  Design of Hawari Dam

12.                  Hydrologic Time Series for Tributaries ofCentral Marshes in Iraq.

13.                  Hydrological and Hydraulic Study in EuphratesRiver upstream of

             Meshhan Barrage

14.                  Hydrological and Hydraulic Study in TigrisRiver at Zubedea Site.

15.                  Hydrological and Hydraulic Study in Al-MajarRiver downstream of

            Al-Majar Barrage

16.                  Diyala Weir Engineering services Design andConstruct.

17.                  Khassa Dam Project Hydrologic Study.

18.                  Hydraulic and Hydrology study for SalahAl-Deen thermal power


19.                  Hydraulic and Hydrology study for Al-Rassafawater treatment plant.

20.                  Design of Weir for power generation atSammara.

21.                  Waste water evaporation pond.

22.                  Studies and design for small Dams in Western.

23.                  Studies and design of Horan Dam.

24.                  Studies and design of Altun-Kopri Dam.

25.                  Hydraulic and Hydrological study of MakholDam.

26.                  Study and design of power generation fromAl-Adheem Dam.

27.                  Hydraulic and Hydrology study for Al-AdheemDam.

28.                  Aziziya evaporation basin project.


Ph.D. Theses; Prepared underMy Supervision:

1-    Irrigation Scheduling in Large IrrigationProjects, 1997.

2-    Conjunctive Use of Ground - Water and SurfaceWater in the Western

Desert of Iraq, 1998.

3-    Optimum Operation Rules for Tigris – EuphratesSystem in Iraq, 1998.

4-    Optimum Use of Ground – Water in Tikrit – SamarraArea, 1998.

5-    Development of a Mathematical DeterministicConceptual Model to Simulate

     Rainfall – Runoff Relation at Arid andSemi-Arid Ephemeral catchments, 2003.

6-    Analytic solution of unsteady flow to largediameter partial penetrated wells, 2004.

7-    Optimum Management of Surface & SubsurfaceWater of Al-Adhaim Basin, 2005

8-    Rainfall – Runoff Modeling for Goizha -Dabashan Watershed, 2008

9-    Application of Genetic Algorithm to Proposedoperation Scenarios of Ilisu-Cizre Dam, 2009.


M.Sc. Theses; Prepared underMy Supervision:


1-    Stochastic Analysis of Stream Flow Data inIraq  , 1981 .

2-    Operation Rules for Derbendi – Khan andHemreen Reservoirs, 1985.

3-    Stochastic Analysis of Daily Stream Flow ofTigris River , 1985

4-    Design and Evaluation of HydrologicalNetworks in Iraq, 1986.

5-    Effects of Diyala Stream on Tigris RiverWater Quality, 1988.

6-    Optimal Operation of Derbendi – Khan andHemreen Reservoirs With

     Environmental Consideration, 1989

7-    BOD – DO Optimization Model for Multi – PlantDisposal in a River,  1989.

8-     Development of a Mathematical Model for WadiHoran Catchment Area, 1989.

9-    Operation Rules for Euphrates River System,1989.

10-           Optimal Operation on Reservoirs on TigrisRiver, 1990.

11-           Experimental Catchment Model, 1990.

12-           Rainfall Runoff Relationship in SmallWatershed Area, 1992.

13-           Daily Operation for Bakham Dam, 1992.

14-           Flow Characteristics in a Meandering RiverChannel with Floodplain, 1993.

15-           A Mathematical Model for Hemreen ReservoirSedimentation, 1995.

16-           Mathematical Model for Studying The WaterBalance of Al-Zafraniya

     Fishpond and Seepage, 1996.

17-           Water Requirement for Shatt Al- Hilla System,1996.

18-           Stochastic Models for the Discharges andOperation Model, 1998.

19-           Optimum Operation for Saddam and DokanReservoirs and Their Effects on

     Tigris River, 1998.

20-           Development of an Expert System forMultipurpose Reservoir, 1999.

21-           Optimum Operation for Al-Adheem Dam, 2000.

22-           The Optimum Use of the Reservoirs System onthe Euphrates River to

      Determine the Deficiency in Quality andQuantity, 2000.

23-           Development of an Expert System for TheOperation of Al-Dhulouiyah

     Headwork Structure, 2000.

24-           Hypothetical Failure of Sennacherib Dam,2000.

25-           Optimum use of Earthwork ConstructionEquipment in Jordan, 2000.

26-           Transient Seepage Under Hydraulic Structures,2000.

27-           Finding The Optimum Sites of the FactoryProjects of the General State

     Battery Manufacturing Company, 2000.

28- MathematicalModel for Seepage under Al—Qadisya Dam, 2000.

29- TheEffect of Increasing of some Polluted Element in Al-Qadisya Dam on the  

           Dam Structure and the WaterEnvironment, 2001.

30-           Variation of Salinity Indication Parametersof Tigris River in Baghdad City

          (1990-1999), 2001.

31-           Mathematical Modeling for the Quality andQuantity of Euphrates River inside

          Iraq, 2001.

32-           Overtopping Reliability Models for Al-WandDam, 2002.

33-           The optimal choice of the location forsetting up the petrochemical industries

          complex at the free industrial zone in Adengovernorate Republic of earn basing

          on the cost of transportation as a definedfactor, 2002.

34-           complex at the free industrial zone in Aden governorateRepublic of earn basing

         onthe cost of transportation as a defined factor, 2002.

35-           Developing an expert multi-purpose multi-unitbarrage, 2003.

36-           Optimum Operation of Makhool Dam, 2004.

37-           Preparation of Decision Support System forHaditha Dam System, 2004

38-           Optimum Design of Earth Dams with specialreference to Small Dams, 2004.

39-           Quality and Quantity Variation in TigrisRiver Between Samara’a Barrage and

          Qurna city, 2006.

40-            Maximizing Power Production from Dokan Dam, 2007.

41-           Evaluation of Runoff Coefficient with Aid ofRemote Sensing Techniques, 2010.

42-                       Optimual Operation of Mosul, Haditha, andDokan Reservoirs, 2011.


List of Publication:

1-    Synthetic Monthly StreamFlow Model, International Symposium on Water 

     Resources System, Rookie, India, 1980.

2-    Development of Reservoir Operation Rules forMulti – Purpose System, 

     International Association for HydraulicResearch, New Delhi, India, 1980.

3-    Comparison Between DP and DDDP Techniques,Journal of Water  Resources,

     Iraq, 1984.

4-    Synthetic Normal Random Number Model, Journalof Water Resources, Iraq, 1984.

5-    Effect of Domestic and Industrial WastewaterDischarge on Pollution River Tigris, Iraqi Conference on Engineering, Iraq,1985.

6-    Evaluation of Chloride Concentration in RiverTigris at Baghdad, Journal 

     Of Engineering and Technology, Iraq, 1986.

7-    Evaluation of Infiltration Rate in Some IraqiSoil, Journal of Engineering, Iraq, 1988.

8-    Independent Stochastic Component of DailyStream Series, Proceeding  

     Scientific Engineering, Iraq, 1989.

9-    Optimum Operation Rules for Diyala ReservoirsSystem, Confidential, Iraq, 1989.

10-           Estimation of Homogeneous Data of DailyStream Series, 3rd. Iraqi

          Conference in Hydrology, Iraq, 1989.

11-           Land Grand Design Using Non – LinearProgramming, Journal of Irrigation,

          ASCE, USA, 1990.

12-           Derivation of Rules Curves for IraqiReservoir, Confidential, Iraq, 1991.

13-           Selection the Intake Site for Nuclear PowerPlant, Confidential, Iraq, 1992.

14-           Watershed Model for a Large Arid Area,Journal of Engineering and

          Technology, Iraq, 1993.

15-           Study of Draw Water From a Razza Lake –Hydrological Study -,  

          Confidential, Iraq, 1994.

16-           Derivation of Rules Curves for AdhaimReservoir, Confidential, Iraq, 1994.

17-           Adhaim Reservoir Rules Curves, Confidential,Sept. 1994.

18-           Hydrological Study of Shatt Al-Arab System,Confidential, Iraq, 1995.

19-           Optimization Analysis of Pumping Test Data inNon – Leaky Aquifers.               

          Journal of Engineering andTechnology, Vol. 16, No. 2, Iraq, 1997.

20-           Optimization Technique for Analysis ofPumping Test data from Confined

          Aquifers. Journal of Engineering and Technology,Vol.16, No. 6, Iraq, 1977.

21-           Hydropower Study of Adhaim Dam, Confidential,June 1997.

22-           Water Requirement for Shatt Al-Hilla System,Journal of Engineering,

          Al-Mustansiriya University, 1998.

23-           Operation Model for Saddam Dam,  Journal of Administration and Economic,

          Vol. 6, Baghdad University, Iraq,1999.

24-           The effect of the Turkey and Syria Irrigationprojects on quality and quantity

          in Euphrates river, Confidential, Iraq,1999.

25-           Effective of design submerge dam down streamSamara hydropower station,

         Confidential,Iraq, 1999.

26-           The optimum use of dam and reservoirs systemon Euphrates river to meet   

           the expected deficiency and reduce theeffect of dams on the quality and

          quantity of water, Confidential, Iraq,2000.

27-           Irrigation Scheduling in Large IrrigationProjects, Journal of water  

          Resources, Vol. 19, No. 1, Iraq, 2000.

28-           Optimum Operation of Saddam and DokanReservoirs, Journal of Water

          Resources, Vol. 19, No.2, Iraq, 2000.

29-           Transient Seepage Under Hydraulic Structures,Journal of Water

           Resources, Vol. 19, No.2, Iraq, 2000.

30-           Hypothetical Failure of Sennacherib Dam,First Iraqi Conference in Civil  

          Engineering, Iraq, 2001.

31-           Optimum Operation Rules for Adhaim Reservoir,Journal of  Engineering,

          University of Baghdad, Vol. 7, No.1, March2001.

32-           The effect of increasing of some pollutedelement in Al-Qadisya Dam on the

          dam structure and water environment,Journal of Engineering, University of

          Baghdad, Vol. 7, No.1, March 2001.

33-           Stochastic Model for Inflow to SaddamReservoir, Journal of Administration

          and Economic College, Baghdad University,No. 27, Sept. 2001.

34-           Development of an Expert System for Operatinga multi-Purpose Reservoir

          System, Arab Universities, Journal ofEngineering Sciences, Vol. 8, No. 2,


35-                Reasonof release the (Sulfide Hydrogen) gas & the effect of that gas upon 

           the concrete of the tunnels of Al-QadisiyahDam & ways of their treatment,

          Association of Arab Universities, Journalof Engineering Sciences, Vol. 9,

           No. 1, 2002.

36-                Mathematical Modeling for the Quality andQuantity of Euphrates River

           Inside Iraq, Confidential, Iraq,2002.

37-                Amathematical Model for the Tikrit Samarra Hydrological area, 8thSciences

          Conference, Iraq, 2002.

38-                Optimum Operation of Makhool Dam,Engineering and Development Journal,

           Vol. 9, No. 1, March 2005.

39-     Preparationof Decision Support System for Haditha Dam System, Association of

          Arab Universities, Journal of EngineeringSciences, No. 1, Volume 12, 2005.

40-     Calibration of conceptual Rainfall-RunoffModel using Local and Global

          Optimization, the Third Internationalon Wadi Hydrology, Sana'a, Yemen,

          December, 2005.

41-     Hardness Removal from Drinking Water,Journal of Engineering, No. 2, Volume

          12, 2006.

43-           Estimation of Runoff for Goizha-Dabashanwatershed with aid of Remote 

         Sensing Techniques, Journal of Engineering, No. 2, Volume 17, 2011.

44-           Optimization of multiple reservoirs releasesusing Genetic Algorithm: Case     

     study of Ilisu-Cizre reservoirs system, Volume

45-           Optimal Operation of Mosul, Haditha, andDokan Reservoir, Journal of

         Engineering, No. 2, Volume  14, 2012.