Full Name : Mohammed Jawad. M. SaeedImranTuraihi.

Place and date of birth : Karbala / 1951.

Location : BAGHDAD / ALshalijia / L: 403 / S: 11 / H: 18.

Telephone : mobile 07902261360 , 07701631268


        Master in Arabic Language &Literature / 1987 .

        PhD. In Arabic Language &Literature / 1994.

        Specific Specialization : Language ,Grammars &Semantics.

         thescientificdegree : Professor Dr.

The activities and The responsibilities

Positions :

        Chief editor of ArtsMagazine : it is Scientific journal published by the collage of arts / University of Baghdad .

        Chairman ofthePreparatoryCommissionof the annual Scientific Conference in the collage of arts / University of Baghdad .

        Member of thepreparatoryCommissionforjointscientificconferencebetween the collage of arts & the collage of education - IBNALRUSHD & the collage of Fine Arts.

        AmemberinLiteratures & Writers Union.

        The Vice of Secretary GeneraloftheFoundationofJournalistsandintellectuals.

        Honorary member of the New Citizen newspaper.

        Council manager chief of the Association for the Promotion of thoughtafter the change.

        Shareinmany scientificconferences.

        Chief & Member of Committees discussion post-graduate students.

        supervisor on many university studies.

        A vice chief editor of Al-NORE Magazine.

Researches , Books &Under consideration Researches

     Mental protest phenomenon in Arabic grammar.

     Phenomenon of theincreaseontheArabicsentence.

     Phenomenon of embezzlement between acoustic performance and legalization grammatical.

     Style of deeds formats of Reviewed and their sources in the grammatical performance.

     Engineering languageintheKhattabHusseini.

     The necessity Controls- Review at the light of the Quranic texts and capillary.

     indicative studies in a sermon AqeelahZainab (peace be upon her).

      Alkasim Bin MaenAlMasoudi - the grammar pioneer alKufi.

      Al najf language study & lexicon.

      Quran's readings in the balance of controls grammatical and linguistic.

     The Heart Phenomenon - The structure spatial for the word a studying analytical composition.

     the vocal phenomenon between the ancient and modern.

     Pronunciation and the suggestive meanings with the Arab civilization in the poems of al Jaahiliyyah.

     the Cultural inherited in the capillarycreativityAhmedMatarexample.

     the dispensing with doer between reality of the Utilization Linguistic &the controls of the expressed formalism.

     style of the increase between reality of the Quranic text & opinions of Arab scientists.

     the indication of verb transitive on the absolute event.

     Altnahi fi al arbia.


Collection of the thank

Many of them:

took the thankfulness from the President of the University & the Dean & different of Iraqi Universities .

the sanctions

No sanctions.


The Newspaper articles

        Published a lot of articles in the daily newspapers after 2003 & all articles aimed at raising awareness and scientific and cultural prosperity For the new Iraq.

From that newspapers:

The citizen , The statement , The new citizen , AL Nor , AL AHDALA .


Presentation OF books

He Wrote introductions scientific from books because of the prestige enjoyed by scientific

1)    the factors grammatical .

2)    Stylistic formationsinAnmozjatJawahria by PDH. FELAEH KAREEM .

3)      Introduction poet DiwanAhlulBayt for master khawad al shami.

4)    Collect and organize full cycle for Arts magazine since its issuance after he lost and burned after 2003.

5)    Magazine was converted to CDs and put them on the Web service for researchers.

6)    Work of full indexes for Arts magazine since their issuance and yet.

Current position :

DEAN of College of Islamic Sciences /University of Baghdad